Our Services



  • Multi-residential complexes

  • Timber frame structures

  • Foundation design & details

  • Retaining Walls

  • Assessment reports

  • Repair options & cost estimates                                



  • Retail buildings

  • Hotels

  • Office buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Signage



  • Warehouse buildings

  • Steel building foundations

  • Equipment support structures

  • Crane supporting structures

  • Catwalks and guardrails


we take a hands-on approach and work closely with construction managers to identify and address potential design conflicts as early as possible.


do you need to explore your options?

we can prepare COMPREHENSIVE assessment reports with alternative solutions and cost estimates.


Here are a few more reasons to choose Access Engineering:

1. A team of engineers and technicians ready to create or review your plans

2. Our engineering seal on your beam, floor joist, roof truss drawings and layouts as required

3. Repair details clearly explained

4. Telephone support for your question


give us a call today and get your project started on the right track.